Addressing the endocrine changes of menopause through MHT (EN)

Discover effective strategies for addressing the endocrine changes of menopause through Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) in this on-demand webinar presented by expert Sanjay Kalra and chaired by Angelica Lindén Hirschberg.

Delve into the intricacies of the endocrine system during menopause and learn how MHT can play a pivotal role in managing hormonal imbalances and related symptoms. Gain valuable insights into evidence-based approaches for optimizing hormone therapy to enhance women’s well-being during this life transition.

Available in multiple languages, including English, Russian, Portuguese, and Mandarin, this webinar offers essential knowledge for healthcare professionals seeking to provide comprehensive care to menopausal individuals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of evidence-based practices in addressing endocrine changes during menopause. Watch now and enrich your clinical expertise to provide the best possible care for your patients’ overall health and quality of life.