Travel grant for Junior members

EMAS will support the travel costs for junior members who wish to attend international meetings and congresses; or, for example, those who wish to visit laboratories for specific short-term activities, such as collaborative research, or in order to learn new techniques. This is subject to them meeting the assessment criteria for these awards.

Eligible for funding are postdoctoral researchers and doctoral candidates who have a proven track record in research.

Applications are considered twice a year. The deadlines are 31 December and 30 June 12 pm CET. The maximum award is 1,000 EUR for economy travel.

EMAS cannot subsidise trips that are connected with a commercial activity.

If funding is available from a third party or if the trip is funded from other sources (e.g. your employer), these funds must be prioritised.

During the doctorate and in the first five years after the doctorate, funding is possible every 12 months, after that, only every 24 months.

Funding for employees of non-university research institutions is only possible during the doctorate and in the first five years after the doctorate. The five-year rule is extended if you can provide evidence of child-raising periods for children under the age of 12 during this period (e.g. birth certificate).

Multiple applications from the same institution are permitted but applicants should note that multiple applications should be based on separate, distinct projects, none of which is dependent upon approval of the other. Applicants should also note that their multiple applications will, in essence, be competing against each other.

Awards Committee

Applicants will be advised of a decision as soon as practicable after the deadline date. If a Board Member is one of the applicants, one or more persons will be co-opted to the subcommittee from outside the board to ensure independence. Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply once with the same project in the next call.

The following conditions also apply:

  • EMAS membership of at least 1 year
  • Age up to and including 35 years
  • Letter of recommendation from the employer
  • Invitation letter from the host institute/clinic
  • Description of the project to be realised with the Travel Grant
  • The trip must be taken within 1 year of receiving the Travel Grant
  • Final report, which must be submitted to EMAS no later than 1 year after receipt of the Travel Grant

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


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