Progestogen choice in MHT and the balance between endometrial and breast safety (EN)

Delve into the nuanced world of Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) with this on-demand webinar. Presented by expert Rong Chen and chaired by Alfred Mueck, this engaging session delves into the critical considerations for selecting progestogens in MHT to achieve optimal endometrial and breast safety.

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the latest research and evidence-based practices in progestogen choice, balancing the potential risks and benefits for endometrial and breast health.

Available in multiple languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin, this webinar is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of MHT’s complex dynamics.

Don’t miss this opportunity to access expert insights and evidence-driven approaches in menopausal healthcare. Watch now to stay informed and improve your decision-making in MHT for the benefit of your patients’ well-being.