We would like to thank all EMAS members for their contribution to the voting that occurred between 17 - 25 of January 2017. We are glad to present you the new Board, effective from 22 May 2017.

Board Members:

Tommaso Simoncini, Italy(President-elect)
Antonio Cano, Spain
Peter Chedraui, Ecuador
Dimitrios Goulis, Greece
Patrice Lopez, France
Gita Mishra, Australia
Alfred Mueck, Germany
Levent Senturk, Turkey
John Stevenson, United Kingdom
Petra Stute, Switzerland
Pauliina Tuomikoski, Finland

With kind regards

Professor Irene Lambrinoudaki
EMAS President

EMAS in Reuters
Full article in English can beviewed here:
http://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-menopause-employers- idUSKCN0UQ2OJ20160112?feedType=RSS&feedName=healthNews

EMAS in "Le Figaro"
Full article in French can beviewed here:
http://sante.lefigaro.fr/actualite/2016/02/12/24622-question-menopause-sinvite- travail

EMAS in Maturitas
Full article in Maturitas can be viewed here:

What people thought about the 2017 EMAS congress in Amsterdam:

Awards from the 11th EMAS Congress:
During the EMAS 2017 following 3 people have been awarded:
1) Xiangyan Ruan for Best Poster
2) Adam Czyzyk for Best Young Investigator
3) Chantal M. Koolhaas for Best Oral Presentation
(Elsevier has sponsored all 3 of them and each winner has received 500€.)

What people thought about the 2015 10th EMAS congress in Madrid

"EMAS was easily the best menopause meeting I have been to in years."

"Great multidisciplinary congress with key international opinion leaders from around the world. Wonderful to meet friends from Australia to the US and from Europe to China. Look forward to more of the same in 2017 at EMAS congress in Amsterdam.”

"A multidisciplinary congress of excellence with worldwide recognized key international opinion leaders providing updated data regarding midlife health."

"EMAS congress in Madrid has perfectly integrated novel scientific insights into balanced decision making for clinical applications. The organizers are to be congratulated for their outstanding achievements in covering an expanding field!"

"I have had the honor to participate as a speaker at the congress of the EMAS in Madrid. During the congress, I could appreciate the multidisciplinary aspect of the congress as well as the EMAS. I think that different viewpoints greatly enrich the debate and enable us forward for the good of our patients. My personal opinion is that Congress has been very interesting and this can be considered a success for the organizers."

"Excellent congress. I have learned a lot."

"Thank you EMAS for a wonderful congress; the plenary sessions were engaging, the symposiums generated interesting talking points, and the quality of the oral presentations and posters was excellent. I look forward to the next meeting."

Awards from the 10th EMAS Congress
Three awards sponsored by Elsevier were made at the 2015 Congress.
1) New Investigator was awarded to Stephanie Koebele, Arizona State University, USA
2) Best Poster was awarded to Estefano Malaga, Hersil Laboratories, Peru
3) Best Oral Presentation was awarded to Michael Sherratt, Manchester University, UK


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