EMAS Menopause in the Workplace Survey

The EMAS survey on menopause and work has concluded for this year, and we extend our sincere appreciation to individuals from various professions worldwide who took part. This survey aimed to gain insights into the experiences of menopausal individuals in work settings, and your participation has been invaluable.

We want to inform you that this survey is part of an annual initiative. Each year, we invite individuals like you to contribute their insights. The survey is designed to be swift and straightforward, requiring only about three minutes of your time. Your input plays a crucial role in enhancing our understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to menopause in the workplace.

Please be assured that all responses you provide are treated with the utmost confidentiality. EMAS remains committed to safeguarding your privacy, and no personal information is collected during the survey. The data collected is aggregated and analyzed to provide a comprehensive perspective on menopause and work. The results are made available to the public on the EMAS website.

Your involvement in this survey means that you are part of an ongoing global effort to improve the well-being and experiences of menopausal individuals in the workforce. Your insights have the potential to drive positive changes and contribute to the creation of workplace environments that understand and support the unique needs of menopaual individuals.

As we wrap up this year’s survey, we invite you to consider your role in shaping a more inclusive and promising future for individuals navigating menopause in work settings. Your voice matters, and together, we can continue to build better awareness and support for menopausal individuals around the world in the years to come.