Learning objectives

Participants should acquire the skills to assess and manage the special needs of women living with and beyond cancer.  The focus will be on induced early ovarian failure (menopause), associated symptoms, quality of life and  susceptibility to disease. Training will be evidence-based measures for treatment, surveillance, prevention, and health promotion will complete the programme.

Session structure

Interactive learning and practice exchange with international experts will be structured according to the  following format:

• Short presentations by the international experts.
• Interactive debate in three steps:
• Q & A between the expert speakers and a discussion panel.
• Open dialogue with all attendees.
• Assessment with multiple choice questions using an internet platform.

EMAS Virtual Conference 14-15 May 2020 – Day 1
EMAS Virtual Conference 14-15 May 2020 - Day 1
EMAS Virtual Conference 14-15 May 2020 – Day 2
EMAS Virtual Conference 14-15 May 2020 - Day 2
TitleSpeakerReferenceDocument Link
Breast cancerDr. Begoña Bermejo001

Gynecological cancerProf. Margaret Rees002

Endometriosis, another significant contributorProf. Ludwig Kiesel003

Drug-mediated: cytotoxic drugs and endocrine regulatorsProf. Maribel Acién004

Vasomotor& genitourinaryProf. Nicolás Mendoza005

Psychological domainsDr. Alejandra Herrera006

SexualityDr. Eva Iglesias007

Management of osteoporosisProf. Irene Lambrinoudaki008

Brain healthProf. Donal Brennan009

Clinical impact: focus on long-term health OsteoporosisProf. Irine Lambrinoudaki010

Fertility preservationDr. Irene Zolfaroli011