Sign the Menopause and Work Charter Today!

The Menopause and Work Charter is an initiative of the European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS) to promote the recognition and consideration of menopausal health in the workplace as part of broader frameworks and policies on wellness, gender and age equality in the corporate culture. Learn more on the initiative

˃ Who can sign the Charter?

The Menopause and Work Charter can be signed by companies, associations, foundations, institutions from the public sector or other bodies – but not by private individuals.

A prerequisite for signing is your organization’s commitment to the 5 steps listed below. This commitment is confirmed by signing the Menopause And Work Charter. Since signing the Charter is a voluntary commitment, there is no verification of compliance by the EMAS office. A self-assessment tool is available to help you assess your current position on the journey towards offering a menopause-friendly work environment.

Signatories are also encouraged to promote the World Menopause And Work Day on September 7 – for example, by sharing an example of a best practice on social media or taking action on the awareness day.

STEP 1: Workplace frameworks and policies should formally address the impact of menopause for all occupations, work locations and work patterns.

STEP 2: Workplaces should create an open, inclusive and supportive culture regarding menopause, involving confidential sources of information and counselling services, where available.

STEP 3: Women should not be discriminated against, marginalized or dismissed because of menopausal symptoms.

STEP 4: Adjustments to the physical environment and the way work is organised and managed should be made where necessary.

 STEP 5: Explicit coverage of menopause in sickness and attendance management policies should ensure that women have access to health care in the workplace, wherever possible.

If your organisation would like to sign the Menopause and Work Charter, please contact the EMAS Office at [email protected].

We would be pleased to welcome you to the group of signatories.