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Maturitas is planning a special issue on Menopause and long-term health in vulnerable populations. Menopause is a physiological phenomenon, yet many women experience bothersome symptoms which affect their quality of life. Furthermore, the postmenopausal estrogen decline is associated with chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, that may be difficult to disentangle from the effects of aging. Managing the menopause and the associated burden of chronic disease may be particularly challenging in vulnerable populations, such as women with frailty, HIV infection, chronic diseases, women from diverse cultural backgrounds, women who have previous known disability, women in prison or women in poverty.
We are inviting (research and review) papers to address these issues from basic science to health and social care. We are particularly interested in papers addressing the management of menopause and healthy aging in women with the following conditions:

  • Frailty
  • Mental disease
  • Institutionalized women
  • Impoverished women
  • Women with long-standing physical illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, inflammatory joint diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, chronic infections, genetic diseases etc.
  • Cancer survivors and women with active disease
  • Women from diverse cultural backgrounds including recent immigrants
  • Homeless women
  • Women in prison

We request that authors submit their full manuscripts for consideration to Maturitas by 28th February 2021. We anticipate publication in the autumn of 2021. When asked to choose article type, authors should select the correct Special Issue Article Type – Menopause and long-term health in vulnerable populations. All submissions should meet the usual Maturitas author guidelines and standards and will be subject to the peer-review process.’
Guest Editors
Mary Ann Geronimo (Australia)
Megan Bell (Australia)
Oscar Franco (Switzerland)
Samar El Khoudary (USA)
Taulant Muka (Switzerland)
Jovanna Muscogiuri (Italy)
Bulent Yildiz (Turkey)

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