11th European Congress on
Menopause and Andropause
Empowering a personalized
approach to healthy ageing
22 - 24 May 2017
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


We are delighted to welcome WOMEN Inc., represented by its Director, Mrs Jannet Vaessen. She is presenting during the EMAS Opening Ceremony:

"Treat me like a lady" - How to put the urgency of gender-sensitive healthcare on the agenda: the Dutch example (Abstract downloadable by clicking here)


What is WOMEN Inc.?
WOMEN Inc. is the network for all women who want to empower themselves and the position
of all women in the Netherlands. WOMEN Inc. strives to achieve that for your chances in life,
it does not matter whether you’re a woman or a man. To achieve this, WOMEN Inc. puts
topics on the agenda on behalf of a constantly expanding network of diverse Dutch women,
between 21 and 71 years old.

WOMEN Inc. knows what topics are important to women in society. It are these topics,
questions, discussions or breaking points that WOMEN Inc. puts on the agenda on a
political, business and institutional level, and on the agenda of women themselves, to realize

To address all women in the Netherlands, WOMEN Inc. has chosen two specific themes:
money and health. Around these themes, WOMEN Inc. develops successful public
campaigns with outstanding slogans, fitting images and relevant information that move
people, raise awareness and spread knowledge.



Vision and mission

WOMEN Inc. strives for a world in which women are equal to men. In which women can
participate fully in society and everybody has the same opportunities, regardless of gender.
This will not only be profitable for women, but will also empower the society as a whole. Only
when basic needs - such as money and health – are provided for, women can develop
themselves. This is why these two themes are the starting point for all our activities.

WOMEN Inc. is an independent and unique network that increases the participation of
women in society. We do this by setting tangible goals, unraveling the route towards these
goals, putting targeted actions on the agenda towards the right stakeholders and keeping the
process moving. In all this, the voice of women is leading.



Background theme Health
Gender specific healthcare is WOMEN Inc.’s most important topic concerning health. The
current healthcare system is not gender sensitive. Generally speaking, the male body is the
norm in (medical) research and the treatment of patients. Many medications and treatments
are only tested on white men or male animals, which can cause unexpected side effects in
women. Because of this, there is less knowledge available about the female body and
female-specific symptoms of diseases that occur in both men and women. This makes some
diseases harder to recognize in women in an early stage.

When it comes to cardiovascular disease, there is an increase in the attention for gender
specific healthcare, but there are still a lot of improvements to make. For example, many
women do not know that nausea, extreme fatigue, dyspnea and dizziness can be symptoms
of a heart attack. And that the most well known symptom of a heart attack – a pressing pain
on the chest - can be absent in women. Because of this, women and healthcare
professionals often do not recognize a heart attack on time, while every second matters.
More attention for female-specific symptoms can save lives.

Therefore, WOMEN Inc. advocates the unequal treatment of women in medical research, to
make sure women and men have equal chances to receive the best healthcare.

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